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On Saturday, July 11th, Screven Forward held its second ZOOM event. Our MEET AND GREET began at 11:00 a.m. with Jim Sheppard, Lovey Sheppard, Stephen Kirkland and Patti Boddiford as our panelists and Sabrina Burns as moderator.  This event was an opportunity to let everyone know what Screven Forward is all about, our mission and our goals.  Everyone involved did a splendid job!


Another ZOOM event is planned for Saturday, August 8th at 11:00 a.m. This will be an open meeting and will serve as a virtual Membership Drive.  We want everyone interested to understand what membership in Screven Forward entails and we want them to join us in our efforts to progressively move Screven Forward.  Put it on your calendar!

Much of July was dedicated to our Registered Voter Outreach campaign. Starting with a list of 331 registered Screven County voters who did not vote in one or both of the last two elections we began our canvassing.  Assisted by Screven Forward volunteers, we reached out to these voters by phone, voice mail, texts, emails and postcards reminding them how important their vote is and asking them to commit to voting in the fall election and to asking their friends and family to register and vote as well.  A record of each contact was submitted and linked with a data base for future reference.


During July we welcomed two speakers to our weekly Zoom meetings. Larry Auerbach of the Georgia Democratic Committee spoke to us about voter protection and voter suppression issues.  Martha Shockley of the Indivisible Georgia Coalition spoke to us regarding the resources she could share with us thru an affiliation with the statewide organization of Indivisible.


We explored ways of reaching out to our youngest voters.   We want to engage and involve young people in the voting process, we want them to be excited about their opportunity to participate in our democratic system, we want them informed about why they vote and who they choose to vote for.  We want them to know their vote counts!


Voter registration forms and mail-in ballot request forms have been distributed to a number of churches in the county by Screven Forward volunteers. Thank you!

A Screven Forward member printed leaflets containing voting information for us.  Thank you!

Remember October 5th is the deadline to register to vote in the November election.  Remember, if you plan to vote by mail, ballots must be received 4 days before election day.

Thanks to everyone for everything you did in July to move Screven Forward!!

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